time to change

After last year being a washout with I think only three events going ahead I got fed up. The Tri didn’t really go to plan because the water was freezing with the race being pushed back so long and the half marathons were both in January I was never going to pb them

I got fed up with being coached. what’s the point in doing all the session and not sure if its going to go ahead. what’s the point in running in maf zone on slow boring tedious runs. I understand the principles of maf but I hated them especially as they were every run. so with being fed up with the prospects of all winter running maf runs and trying to move house and another lock down I decided that I didn’t want to be coached any more. nothing against the coaches I was with or the sessions it just wasn’t right for me and lockdowns really didn’t help. since I have left them I feel happier just going out and doing mixed sessions doing similar on the turbo and guess what I have actually enjoyed a couple of maf runs maybe because it was cold and icy and cant run fast in those conditions. maybe because I’m not being as strict with the numbers to the exact beat but they have felt good now there is no pressure on them.

its going to be difficult to focus on 2021 and I have concerns about Ironman Hamburg with traveling, will i have to have a vaccine/test before we travel and will I have to isolate before the race! hopefully if all goes to plan I have a couple of big rides planned in, a marathon and a few races all before June, then after June back to to running hoping to get a London marathon place but I always have Manchester to fall back on

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