Manchester marathon 2018

This was my first race of the year. Trafford 10k and wigan half marathon both cancelled due to weather. So I went into this race not really sure where I was at. Three weeks of illness in the middle of my training didn’t really help missed out on 3 long runs plus trying to jump straight back onto an 18 miler didn’t really work. I had a goal but should of thought sensibly it was never going to happen. A few speed sessions with the club had me thinking I was faster but didn’t have the endurance.

So race morning arrived picked up and parked no real problems driving round the diversions a couple of times but parked up with plenty of time. Changed and ready walked to the race village then to start pens mainly to keep warm.

Managed to find a few others at the start and off we went first mile held it back ran with the lads bit of banter nice and steady second mile I upped the pace a little and Jonathan came with me. We were chatting and happy he said his plan was always to come with me and hang on pace was good nice and steady. Around the 7 min mile mark. I knew we were doing well as only saw the leader come through the first part where you can see them heading back at Timperley as we were heading towards Altrincham. Through there still on the target I had in my head.

We got to half way in 1:33 I knew then a Gfa place was out of the question as have never ran a negative split but still on course for a solid pb. Back out to the long long road we had just come down. Try to get into the middle of the road to spot the harriers running down only managed to spot a couple and shout support at them. The harriers were amazing on the course supporting from marshals and out on bikes and coaches hidden where we would all like to walk haha.

Mile 15 was the beginning of the end I think. The start of the steady decline. The pace didn’t drop of rapidly but it did drop me and Jon where both struggling. I could feel the blister forming on my right foot. Still keeping going still hoping and thinking a pb was possible. My head had gone before carrington and Danny and Kyle came sailing past just couldn’t hang onto them. Then the 3:15 pacer came not long after. I couldn’t hang onto him either me and Jonathon were leap frogging a little at this point. I picked up a little in carrrington it wasn’t my usual horrible lonely place being in a pack trying to get onto the pacer helped me.

As we got into Flixton I nearly went down on a gel packet. I felt him stretch I stopped walked a few steps stretched it out and carried on that was it and that was my slowest mile. I picked up and kicked on trying to make up the time I lost I caught and passed Jon and just didn’t look back. Got my head back in the game cheers helped it wasn’t long before in Stretford. The best water station Astley and Tyldesley photos from Pete gel from Cath think water from Jon and lots of noise. Down the gel up the road throw the water round the corner to the longest finishing straight. Trying to look at anything apart from the line. Watch beeps for 26 miles. Now I can look now I can see who i want to pick off grit my teeth and see what I have left. It’s not a lot still a sprint but not to my usual finish standard. Cross the line great shout from commentary. Stop watch can believe it possible pb by 1 second but not sure. Go into finish area to see Danny and Kyle. Possibly the run of the day by Danny. Hard to choose. Wait for the other to come home. Get text with chip time it’s exactly the same to the second I couldn’t believe it. Didn’t think it was possible. I know it’s a good time and I shouldn’t be disappointed but I am. I know couple of longer runs would of helped me. Best bit was hanging around after talking with rest of the club and hearing how they got on the club is amazing and builds year on year. Next step supporting the guys in London

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