Mad dog 10k

I finished work early so could try get more than 5 hours sleep before the race my son had other ideas. So less then 4 hours sleep I got picked up and off to southport. Parked up busses to the start picked up t shirt and goodies then drop off the bags and hide in the sports hall out of the wind. I headed out to my pen saw Gaz Holland maz Paul Bryers and Darren Jackson I didn’t know Paul Platt had sneaked into the front as he was supposed to start further back.

  We set off into the wind Paul and Darren had gone when we turned the corner Paul was in my sights maz a little infront off me Gaz just behind I was in a steady group sheltering from the wind overtake a couple then keep left tuck in. Then my school boy error I hadn’t done laces properly so stopped to tie them. I was then in no mans land the group behind were a little slow and getting battered by the wind I couldn’t quite catch the group infront. A bad first 5k struggling to get breathe we turned the corner and wind was behind us.

 The pace easily increased Maz was always in my sights but just out of reach he pulled away at 8k ish that’s where I should of kicked on we got to 9k back down the straight and into the wind as we turned into it my pb went out the window. I finished disappointed knowing I had more to give.

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