Wrexham Marathon

Heading up the motorway towards Chester we were hit by snow rain and hail all within a couple of miles me in vest and shorts was thinking this was a bad idea. We arrived in good time parked up walked over to the start. Into the pen at the front and was soon away. I […]

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Chester Marathon

i picked up Howard who was pacing me and drove to chester. It was really easy to get to park up and head to the start of the course. It was well organised, Howard picked up his number we did a shirt warm up and ducked under the railing and into the start just behind […]

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Post marathon blues

After compleating Manchester marathon a little over than what I wanted my training has gone out the window. I have hardly been to the club the only thing that has kept me going is early morning Wednesday runs. I have rock n roll Liverpool coming up next weekend and have been trying to decide between […]

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Manchester Marathon 2015

 I didn’t really sleep well so was awake before my alarm. I had breakfast and all prepared I got the wife to stick  up my hair as she does it better at the back.   I picked up my friend Howard and put in the piss taking cd after last year of him slagging off […]

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Taper time 

last week I made it to the club. I love the hill sprint session. 13 times fast as you can up the hill 35 seconds sprint. I felt sick when I finished great session then off to work.  I woke up and my ankle was killing me. I was clever and listened to my body […]

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