Stupid children make me ill

My training has gone out the window this last couple of weeks. I love my kids I wouldn’t swap them for the world but with one in high school and one it’s nursery you can pretty much guarantee that one of them has the sniffles. My running seemed to be going well I was back […]

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Looking forward to this year

It’s been a solid start to the year and so far I’m managing to stick to my plan. Have lots of events coming up starting with cakeathon the day after my running clubs awards party. I’ve signed up for a 100m bike ride end of February so I need to get back out in the […]

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So it’s been a very mixed year. Early marathon on a track in February 105 Laps mind numbing cold run but a pb. Half marathon in March the first one in wigan. Tough hilly course perfect training for Manchester marathon. 3:15:46 at Manchester almost 10 mins faster than last year. Then really started to focus […]

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Post event blues

Since completing Ironman I set my sights on Amsterdam marathon but I didn’t put in the long miles I focused more on the speed. I smashed Wigan 10k and I was preparing well for the English half marathon. Unfortunately life got in the way. That race would have told me I didn’t have the endurance […]

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Wigan 10k

I think I have finally learned. This was probably my best race ever. Pre race warm up with warren and Karen then into the start pen after all the pics and the use of Sams bucket. A long countdown from jack and we were away I sat on Gaz Wanes shoulder as watched some of […]

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Wigan 10k 2016

So after a little mis hap on Friday a small car crash with my wife’s car another car and a petrol tanker. I woke up this morning with a little pain in my shoulder and wasn’t feeling confident. I had it taped up so wasn’t to worries. After meeting the club for pre race pics […]

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Wrexham Marathon

Heading up the motorway towards Chester we were hit by snow rain and hail all within a couple of miles me in vest and shorts was thinking this was a bad idea. We arrived in good time parked up walked over to the start. Into the pen at the front and was soon away. I […]

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