Bounce bouncy bounce

gwtring excited now. Made a cheesy piss taking cd after my mate called music tastes last year kits all ready not decided on trainers yet but feeling confident. I pod is charged garmin is charged looking forward to meal out later with the wife. Ankle is feeling better going out it out of my head. […]

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To run or not to run. 

Haven’t ran since last Tuesday. It’s annoying me now. Always struggle in school holidays. My ankle doesn’t feel any better still niggling sometimes more painful some times fine. If I make it to the start I’m going all out no holding back no being cautious it’s not in me its all or nothing. Thinking I […]

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Last long run ( taper time)

I woke up at 5am and couldn’t get back to sleep so got last run done. Had usual pre run breakfast got a water bottle strapped on watch and set off into the rain. I didn’t have a plan for pace or distance just wanted to get out. My first mile was a little fast […]

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Early morning run

i finished work at 4:30 am met up with a couple of mates. We set of on our usual route and took a bit of a detour to add more miles on.  We had a quick ish first mile then settled into a steady pace for 8 miles then finished slightly quicker.   I […]

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Benifits of sports massage. 

I woke up friday with pain in my foot (plantar fascia) really thinking I wouldn’t be able to run this Sunday in Wrexham half marathon. I had a good run on Wednesday after work. Not to bad pace in Aweful conditions. I was really  feeling tired by the time I got to 18 miles.  Finished […]

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