Horwich Tri

Always nervous first Tri of the year. It’s good to start with a local one. Epic events are always well organised parked up,registered, racked bike and set up transition pretty easily. Walked back to leisure center left few bits with Katie and Edward. I decided to keep spare trainers with me it’s a long run […]

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London Marathon weekend

Friday morning train down to Euston was me Katie and our not so small boy anymore. It was good to see others from the club on the platform, we met up with Katrina and train was perfect 2 hours direct from Wigan. From Euston we went on the tube to the excel centre and stopped […]

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Start of 2023

The start of 2023 was not exactly what I had in mind. After being stupid and trying to do the Rapha 500km challenge but starting two days later than planned I think I did too much and started 2023 injured with pain in Achilles. I was sensible rested recovered missed out in central lancs half […]

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Ironman Hamburg

After deferring this race due to covid it finally came round we seemed to be in luck as it was half term in the middle of eldest child’s exams perfect a break for her and family race at the end of a week away then home in time for rest of her GCSEs. Not exactly […]

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Southport Olympic Tri

An early start to the day being in the first wave at the swim in the water at 6:30 and water side briefing at 6:20 meant it was bit of a rush with transition only open from 6 perhaps that’s the reason forgot my bike drinks bottle from the fridge. Queued up to get in […]

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2up duathlon

2up Duathlon is a great early season friendly opener. Me & Sanj got there early enough to get on the car park register then head back to the car to keep warm and get changed. It was good to be with the team good to see everyone and being on the start line with everyone […]

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First green week of 2021

Before Christmas I was struggling with training enjoying the gym and swimming but didn’t look forward to my runs. This has changed now I’m happy running again. I’m liking the contrast in my sessions the speed work and efforts are hard the recoveries are really easy so my overall pace looks slowish but I know […]

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time to change

After last year being a washout with I think only three events going ahead I got fed up. The Tri didn’t really go to plan because the water was freezing with the race being pushed back so long and the half marathons were both in January I was never going to pb them I got […]

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Training and not racing.

It’s been so strange training and going through the motions with nothing to train for. How are you supposed to be motivated when there’s no race. Going through the motions just isn’t cutting it. I’m so glad I had signed up with a coach at the end of last year otherwise I would have done […]

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