Horwich Tri

Always nervous first Tri of the year. It’s good to start with a local one. Epic events are always well organised parked up,registered, racked bike and set up transition pretty easily. Walked back to leisure center left few bits with Katie and Edward. I decided to keep spare trainers with me it’s a long run from pool side to transition.

Into pool side pre race briefing then the worst part sitting and waiting till can get in. I was in lane 3. Got in waited in the water 30 seconds till I was allowed to start. First 100m went ok then someone else got in lane they started right behind me and tapped my ankles so I stopped to let them pass at the end then I caught someone and got caught again so swim was stop start couldn’t get into routine. 13 mins for 500m shocking swim for me.

Out the swim trainers on long run into transition helmet, socks,shoes gloves and glasses on bike of the bar run to exit of transition. Snack bar while running to mount line. 6 mins from out the water to mount line and on bike.

It’s open roads first turning was tight with cars in both sides and on coming traffic 3 of us ended up stopping at a junction not the best start to bike leg. Round a corner up the first hill. Had done some of the route on sportive last month so knew what to expect. Was in right gear easy enough not to be too stupid to quick but not in small front ring. Steady up scout road decent road surface wide enough roads bit of a cycle lane at the side of scout road little bit up and down then bit of a climb to black dog pub and onto Belmont road. I love this part of the course. Part of the old Ironman uk route have ridden that road so many times I’ve lost count every time headwind without fail past the reservoirs. Fastest part of the course down through abbey village. It was a bit worrying to be slowed down by a marshal on this part even worse then saw the ambulance motorbike and event organisers van. Not sure how can have accident there. Wide open road hood surface and not lots of traffic.

Fast downhill to the roundabout excellent Marshall letting me know it’s clear without having to slow down to much. First exit uphill always kills the legs can’t carry all the speed would like to get up. Follow the road into wheelton into Chorley. Forgot how much of a drag long lane is till back onto Babylon lane new road is fast even better when can following a race organisers motorbike. Had to stop at the junction for cars in front of me. Left turn onto Bolton road really just put power down similar to the end of duathlon route. Into Horwich town centre has to get off bike at lights walk through some barriers and get back on. Was in wrong gear by time got going again was at dismount line if I had known was that close I would have just ran.

Another long transition but not to slow. In and out just behind Nat. Tried to keep up with her. She disappeared up the hill and I didn’t see her again. The same hill went out on bike course then a left turn and it becomes trail path. Very stop start going up the hill to the pike and was starting to get warm.

Up the side of the hill walking almost climbing up it trying to pick the best line to try and get up before going round the side of the tower down the steps and then could start to run again about 2.5 miles down the way we came so much easier going back into town onto tarmac and short run to the finish line.

Different timings from transition and watch I think

Happy to get first tri this year done no major issues, transitions were good. See if can have a better race at Southport in a couple of weeks.

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