Start of 2023

The start of 2023 was not exactly what I had in mind. After being stupid and trying to do the Rapha 500km challenge but starting two days later than planned I think I did too much and started 2023 injured with pain in Achilles. I was sensible rested recovered missed out in central lancs half so not to aggravate it. Since then I have managed consistent blocks of training covering off most of sessions that have been set. I don’t think they have been complete but a lot more consistent than usual.

Next up was supposed to be oulton park duathlon but that was cancelled I don’t think enough people had signed up which is probably for the best as I remember hating running half marathon there previously. I was supposed to do tour of Lancashire ended up clashing with a night out and getting in at 2 am when I was supposed to be up and in Preston for 6 was never going to happen I also thought it would be cancelled due to snow and weather but it wasn’t.

Finally an event I make the start line for. Local race Wigan half marathon. Up dressed ready smallest child in the car

him and katie on the water station at half way but with the way the route is it’s not that far from the start in town. Made our way to the start line missed the team pic by less than a minute. Walked round a bit chatting to people from the club.

Love this and Wigan 10k just so many people to talk to and encourage. Speak to couple of the lads asking what there plan is for the race I have my target it’s not to pb it’s to run even and steady as I can knowing the hill at Haigh will be slower.

Set off let the lads go off not chasing them not getting carried away. 1st mile perfect not warmed up still bit cool chatting to few people 2nd mile into industrial estate up one side back down the other worst part of the race I think just dull. Up to DW stadium round that then onto the canal was silly got talking got distracted went faster than I wanted to so dropped back ran steady over Wigan pier. Steady running up the canal tagged on of lads from invictus tri club didnt let him catch me didn’t see him again. Grabbed water from little man encouragement from the club on water station.

Talking with someone about up coming events and races all the way into Haigh hall down steep hill then up to the bend from here it’s gradual 2 mile climb ish parts of park run parts of our summer training. Got to the top of the hill saw Lee in about 7th place. Then Ben as I reached the golf course. Round to the hall then onto the flat time to just go 10 miles in 1:13 giving me 22 mins for 5k and my pre race target. All down hill open the legs just easy to push on down the hill love this part seeing teammates working hard coming up high fives to everyone. Got told off by coaches for smiling and waving before getting to plantation gates

steep little kick up cross the road bit of flat before another downhill all the way to the park. Round the corner straight to finish really happy with how I ran really consistent paced it well had more in the tank

Pretty much bang on with what coach planned
Spot where the hill is

Really happy with how training is going and how the race went. Didn’t set off like a lunatic like I usually do paced it well ran steady took gels at right time everything just went how i wanted it too

So hopefully now I can continue to be consistent April is a big month for me with long rides London marathon tour de Manc and then horwich triathlon. Looking forward to all of it. Even better if can get some sun and out on bikes with the team

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