Southport Olympic Tri

An early start to the day being in the first wave at the swim in the water at 6:30 and water side briefing at 6:20 meant it was bit of a rush with transition only open from 6 perhaps that’s the reason forgot my bike drinks bottle from the fridge.

Queued up to get in transition helmet on number on making it quicker then in and laid out kit lucky had a drink for the run as a back up. Long walk bare foot over tarmac and stones. Walked to briefing and waited till near the back to get in. Being an GB qualifier there were some fast people that I wasn’t getting into the washing machine with.

Got into the water and it was just black. I’ve been in some open water before where it’s been horrible but this was so dark you couldn’t see hand in front of your face the swim is two laps of an island in the marina once we got round the middle of the lake the water was cleaner and could see I could swim easier could see and the water didn’t seem as salty. Back round to dark horrible water again it was just l I’ll a wall of muck. Besides the water swim went ok sighting ok swam little wide near the exit but was also little deeper there so wasn’t scraping the floor with each pull. Out the water up some steps onto the carpet that didn’t last long before tarmac and stones up long transition.

Found bike easy enough quick drink then left bottle there would only be a short ride and bottle wouldn’t have fit in cage properly. Out on the bike this is where the race really started started catching people and making up places. Only coming out of TT position for one of the roundabouts felt comfortable to just sit and hold position nice and steady letting legs wake up after the swim. Three miles down the sea front a u turn back up with a tail wind past transition another 3 miles ish up another u turn but this had wider exit so could stay clipped in with knee up to get round making it easier to sprint out. Then back on to tri bars holding it almost all the way down and the u turn at the bottom end while sat up anyway take on a bar and push on with slight wind behind me went faster second lap without overdoing it. It was a tight turn before dismount line in transition happy with how the bike went overall

Not a bad transition feet felt sore from walking after the swim started to run and felt sick had a gel and took my drink that helped a little took 2 miles to start feeling less sick steady splits from mile 3 onwards when got to second lap felt ok nice little route round the lake and into the park before heading back to the finish this is just one of the events that I’m doing this year for Christie’s and donations I would be grateful. Next race report will be Ironman Hamburg

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