First green week of 2021

Before Christmas I was struggling with training enjoying the gym and swimming but didn’t look forward to my runs. This has changed now I’m happy running again. I’m liking the contrast in my sessions the speed work and efforts are hard the recoveries are really easy so my overall pace looks slowish but I know what I’ve done and that’s the difference. Finally getting my head around maf running it’s still slower than I want but it’s progressing in the right direction.

At least with maf when I have to slow down can take pics like this

I’m running a lot more of it and still keeping it to correct heart rate even though I have lost a beat because I’m older. Managed to get first all green week on my training peaks just can’t wait to get some swims back in and some strength and conditioning. Not really sure I’m looking forward to this week.

First session on a Monday FTP test I moved it around to get it out the way so I can hopefully get a group ride in on zwift on Wednesday and do a bit of extra training.

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