You can only race what’s in front of you. Outlaw X

Woke up to the news that the swim had been cut short due to temperature. I didn’t understand that either cancel it all or let us swim it all I’m really glad it was short. We were called down by the hundred socially distance queue to the pontoon a sign on the floor where your told to wait. Then a marshal calls you forward and jump/dive fall whatever into the water. I just dropped off the edge straight under feet touched the bottom then back up. It was freezing I couldn’t breath lips where tingling couldn’t feel hand or feet it’s like swimming in the delph in April. I swam then breaststroked then hung onto a boat to try breath this all before the first buoy 250m from the start. Made it round the first buoy in between first and second buoy held onto a kayak still struggling to breath and with cold. Carried on made it to the third buoy then was just make it to the pontoon. Got there eventually legs didn’t work trying to climb out I was wobbly and shaking never had pins and needles in my lips before so that was weird. Into transition took my time arm warmers and jersey on then out on the bike. The transition was huge and took forever from out the water to bike mount line. Didn’t really have much feeling in hands until 5 miles where we climbed the first hill that got the blood flowing settled in steady pace first 10 miles but every way we turned seemed to hit head wind or cross wind

It was a battle in places to stay upright struggled to fuel as was looking for cover to get food out. I kept close enough to my plan and glad had electrolytes in bar bottle. A down hill abs a tail wind was perfect to pick me up and get me out of crappy head space. When i wasn’t in the wind and get on the aero bars it was brilliant felt like I was flying could hold 20-25mph easily but it was very few places and for not long. Couldn’t wait to just get off the bike 52 miles in some friendly faces mark and Tracy jumping around like nutters always picks you up. 5 steady miles back to transition off the bike hip hurt couldn’t feel my feet that was from bike not cold trainers on and out I went the plan was to go for 1:45 nice steady miles started off well first lap went well after 3 and a bit miles I heard Edward shouting me but couldn’t see him had a little walk till I saw him and Katie

Stopped for a kiss and carried on. Next lap slower 1:45 wasn’t going to happen it was up and down hill grass tarmac and trail there was a lovely trail part slightly downhill for about a mile this was always the fastest part gentle underfoot Made for good recovery before the hill after it.

Last lap the aim was to stay under 2 hours thighs cramping and hurting crossed the line 1:55 for the run 6:05 total. Different conditions I know I could absolutely smash that course and time. The bike course is mainly smooth decent surface and can be so fast when not fighting the weather.

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