Training and not racing.

It’s been so strange training and going through the motions with nothing to train for. How are you supposed to be motivated when there’s no race. Going through the motions just isn’t cutting it. I’m so glad I had signed up with a coach at the end of last year otherwise I would have done nothing. Thankfully I’m still training still ticking over. I may not be hitting every session and making them all green on training peaks. I have had a bit of a dip last 3 weeks but seem to be getting back on track. This may have coincided with open water swimming starting.

My swimming has always been my weakest discipline and not swimming for 10 weeks ish hasn’t really helped but it’s been nice just to pull on the wetsuit and get in the lake

Lovely cool clean clear water on a hot summers day nice easy paced swim has really helped me clear my head.

I just like being outdoors. Zwift has been a saviour training for the bike inside and increasing power but it’s just not being outside. I need to get outside more on the bike running has been fine so happy can swim again just need the gyms to re open and hopefully there maybe a race before the end of the year

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