Bolton Ironman 2019

Sunday morning and a 3:50 alarm went off, even though I didn’t really sleep but that’s not unusual before a race. Dressed and ready trying to force down a bagel and all the coffee then off to get Jonathan. No fear or worries or nerves about the swim I know I can do it. Dropped off the water, put on the bike computer and then put the wetsuit half on with a kiss and cuddles with katie and Edward before I lined up for the swim.

I wanted to get in the start pen around 1:30 but the queue was big so I got in with the 1:40 group. In the water up to the top turn buoy seemed to take forever to get there then it was quick between the turns before heading for home lap 1. I was done in 48 mins then the second lap I jumped in and it was horrible, I just got covered in weeds and was all tangled up in my hands and goggles which took few seconds treading water to get rid of it all then off again. I think I punched or head butted every yellow buoy on the back straight so must of been swimming straight ish. Got out on 1:43 that’s a swim pb.

Steady transition took 9 mins from leaving the water to the bike mount, it’s not a short transition and making sure I was comfortable was more important than time.

The bike cut off was what I was worried about this time which is completely different from panicking about the swim. I’ve always had a bike always been comfortable on them but the change to the course has made it probably the hardest in Europe, the climbing goes on forever, the descents were steep tight and technical and so couldn’t get speed back from the ups.

Bike started off well. Quick into town the out and back past the beehive was good, we would go down this road 3 times. It was exiting Bolton I climbed 1 hill ok then another but then I snapped my chain going up hill in the middle of nowhere and waisted what felt like forever getting it fixed and trying to get the kink out. Played tag on the ride and a similar group kept passing. Stopped a couple of times after the bumpy horrible roads to re attach saddle bag as it bounced loose, sheep house lane in reverse is amazing it’s so open and fast I knew if I could get there the second lap it was job done. So glad I had the cushion from the swim as it took 8 hours for the bike.

Should of trained more 3 long rides not really enough.

Then it was a case of run walk a marathon, the crowd and support was amazing it’s a special atmosphere. I played tag again and even got to race a referee, I got to run a lap with Jonathan and I ran the final lap with a lady called jo, we leap frogged all day.

Felt awful from the start of the run but just kept moving forward. Just pain under ribs and the slowest marathon I have ever run. 15:04 finish time which is an hour 2 mins slower than the last one I completed, but on that tough bike course and to say I pretty much winged it due to lack of running and bike training I’ll take that all day

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