Wigan half marathon 2019 (pacer)

Woke up early after not really sleeping much. The smallest child has been patient zero and spread a cold around the house.

Mental morning trying to stick hair up get food sort the kids out while wife was also trying to get ready for the race dropped kids off with parents then into to Wigan to meet up with the pace team to collect flag and vest.

Down to the start for pacer picture vest off to reveal club vest and another team pic then off for little mile warm up with few of the harriers.

Got into start pens few people chatting to me and Danny about pace plan. Everyone did the jj salute and we were on our way first mile was a little fast but we had a plan to get time in the bank for the hill at 8-10 miles we told people we were aiming for 10-15 seconds quick per mile while it’s slightly down hill and even it out on the flat. Got a nice group with us chatting and laughing all the way up the industrial estate. Turn around at the top wind behind us roll down the hill to the stadium. Round the stadium and up into Wigan this is where me and dan had lost time in practice so had to concentrate here until we got into Wigan

Decent support in the town down hill again to the water stations. Danny kept saying we were too fast but I knew he was wrong I knew what pace we wanted think I was difficult with his watch in k’s and mine in miles next was the toughest little bit I think up the little hill short and steep and round a corner then relax onto the canal I was having fun chatting with people and easing them up the small hills at the locks until we were into haigh hall it was a bit damp underfoot and slippy slowed down here as.told people to be really careful. There was a guy kept looking back at me I told him to go on and when it was safe I ran up to him and that gave me a little kick to get up the hill without loosing to much but still dragging everybody with me. Seeing the 1:30 pacers going the other way was great as we always shout at each other when running we rounded the corner got to the top of haigh hall and told everyone with us to go. 10 miles in 1:19 so they had 25 mins is for a down hill 5k. We eased off down hill gathering a small group again easy mile down hill till we got to plantation gates I turned round ran some of it backwards shouting at someone from our club to get on with us up and out of haigh hall and into final mile and a bit all down hill. Down past the park round the corner telling people to wait till the traffic island then sprint and go urging the last few with us to get what they wanted. Crossed the line 1:44:55https://strava.app.link/NGfo5IcI8U couldn’t of got it any better than that

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