Red bull Timelaps

This was a mental event in more ways than one. It started for us Thursday night with packing and house being turned into NorthRoad cycles show room. As I’m not allowed to use my TT bike they lent me one. As well as one getting dropped off for Jonathon. So the house was packed with camping kit and bikes plus cycling kit and gels/fuel for biking.

Friday morning the boss lady went to work I finished packing Jonathon cane round we played Tetris with kit into the back his car. Baby sitter came round the same time as pizza delivery after food we set off about 6:30 for the drive to a hotel near Heathrow. After getting a bit lost we made it to the hotel couple of beers very little sleep quick shower breakfast 7am out the hotel and of to registration in a frosty field in Windsor.

Set tents up in Northroad village then set up pits. Then off onto siting lap. Was spinning out so Mark haggart was very kind and let me swap bikes I was kinda sabotaging NR2 as there were 8 of us we had two teams. We watched Ian go off as captain of team 1 and Jon B as captain of team 2. We got a message in group chat John at a mechanical came in after a lap no one was ready for team 2 Ian was powering through and did four laps. Mark took a turn on T2 Ian came in Gillian went out for us Carly was looking nervous so went next and I slept. First time on track 4 laps were great back in food nap out again then it started to go down hill

The weather was shocking I think we had underestimated fuelling and the temperatures people were getting tired cold and miserable there were times during the night we had no one on course. I went out just before 2am to do my lap then get onto the power hour short loop Jonathon went out just to do the power hour luckily for me he came up behind me as my lights were dying. He had a spare light on the front so pulled over and swapped one. We pulled each other for the laps these were a real highlight great laps really enjoyed it then just after 2 am we got back in the pits just over an hour riding due to clocks back that was the last time I went out. Got back in the pits to no one everyone in bed no one on track till 7am is. I was feeling low and disappointed like we didn’t really do it as we didn’t have someone on all the time. We packed up and handed chips in only for them to tell us we wouldn’t get medals as we had retired early. If we had known this we would of kept hold of timing chip maybe even go out till 12. It was good to get out the park and in the road pull to a services and eat all the food.

I’ve learned that no matter what the weather is I can get out and ride my bike. Know I need to eat real food to ride properly I was ok with sleep and being able to sleep anywhere at anytime I think the others struggled. It’s a great event all ready about maybe a 3rd team next year

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