Ironman uk 2018

Well where do I start. Dropping the kids off with my parents the night before then had massive argument with them. I ended up leaving in tears. Stopped and spoke to my wife as she was at work and told her what went on I came home pissed off and upset and went to bed. Kept waking up didn’t sleep much just wanted to go heart the kids. If we hadn’t of been taking our friend to the start I would of stayed in bed my head was a mess.

Katie made me put tri suit on and take kit with me to start we picked up Paul and drove the short distance to the drop of point walked over to the flash put bottles and phone on my bike. Met up with my Tri club tears again i didn’t want to start didn’t want to do it I just wanted to be with my little man. Thanks to Rolf and Clare they managed to get me into my wetsuit and ready my head still wasn’t in the game. Hugs from katie and then I saw couple of lads from running club still not wanting to get in. Lined up at 1:30 swim start national anthem played and thunderstruck Edging closer to the water. Quick hug from Kellyanne then walked into the water.

The swim was shocking. I swam wide and slow no panic though I got into routine pretty quickly still wasn’t thinking straight. Was planning calling it quits after the swim. After the turn it was a case of try and follow the pack as sighting was impossible. Swam to far to the left and had to swim back diverted by kayaks to the buoys so I could sight the big red arch. Out the water in about 50 mins the back in for second lap. This was a better lap pretty straight sighting was still bad on after second then but had more of an idea out the water 1:47 not the best of swims but massive improvement from my first attempt grab a coke on way to t1 in changes see Sam grab the bike and head out to the mount line noise from the club kiss for Kate and off.

Steady bike to lostock on the main road into Horwich ask Stephen if he’s ready for the Babylon party as I pass him. Up Babylon Lane noise is amazing it’s the best part of the race then onto the new section was on brakes all the way down as didn’t get chance to get a look before the day round the corner up the steep climb hi 5 the wrestlers. Back onto the old part of the course nice and easy averaging 17 mph ish then after runshaw college puncture 1 stopped phoned katie while off the course and fixing puncture asking if she had picked up the children. Up and down hunters that’s another great part of the course the club was out in force. Picking up speed feeling slightly better trying to concentrate onto tunley Lane puncture 2 pot hole. luckily there was someone with a track pump making it easier for me to fix back round again after Babylon down to denham lane puncture 3 last co2 canister and messing about with patches phoned katie again telling her I wanted to quit. She said If you can fix this one carry on. Got going again lost so much time was probably last but no there were people behind me and I caught others pretty quickly. Carrying on thinking just get to the run. Then puncture 4 on syd brook lane. Piece of metal Ian pulled out the tyre when bike made it to T2 walked possibly 3/4 of a mile to the steward who radioed through that I was done. I couldn’t fix it didn’t know how far I was from somewhere I could get a pump sat on the floor having a chat waiting for sweep van.

Had a great chat with the driver. Helped him out taking wheels off the 2 bikes of the other 2 we picked up one was out of time one bike broke on her headed to T2 had to rack the bike. Had a brew with the marshals put trainers on met up with katie massive cuddles from my little man and my day was ok again. Katie had brought me treats cakes and peanut butter cups and a drink. Saw Ironsam looking like death on the run I was so inspired and pleased for him he has worked so hard in training and looked out on his feet with 2 laps to go. Had to hang around till 5:15 to pick up bike.

Finally got home Sarah came back from Katie’s mums big hugs for her also then shower curry and beers. Somethings were just out of my control I could of got my head in the game at the start.

Monday morning pre entry email comes through sign up straight away 2019 #beatinghammo

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