Epic Man

34856527_10160338793985567_6213775877159780352_n34963452_10160338793785567_5687920061625401344_nWhat can I say about epic man who I wasn’t warned about. Got their nice and early racked the bike and got ready listened to the briefing then headed to the water. Pink wave was last off I was one of the last in by the time had got into position was nearly ready for my wave. The start of the swim was shocking no other word for it I panicked I was struggling I knew had to breathe out and sort my head out hung onto a kayak blowing bubbles in water it worked. I was away and into a rhythm and went from dead last to catching a few people took my about 54 mins thing would have been closer to 45 if got my head in the game.
Not the fastest transition but not bad for me and out on the bike and into the climbs.

Some parts are the roads are bad surface lots of potholes and lots of rough parts. Couldn’t get into lowest gears and chain came off at a junction then on the down after the first climb my bottle holder shook itself loose and went into my crank stopped again.
The bike course is tough really tough not because of the climbs because it constantly rolls up and down and it saps your legs each little kick of a hill after the last big climb that’s where the fun really starts I’m glad I didn’t take Tri bike as I would have probably crashed into a sheep about 35 mph the road is down and smooth and you can see all the open bends you can really just go had to drag the brakes couple of times for stupid animals. Miles 30-50 were amazing then the last six dragged back to the start another ok ish transition out on the run.

I kept it nice and steady felt under control when got onto the out and back loop smiling all the time. I  felt really strong till about mile 9 the heat just really took it out of me and I kinda plodded the last 4 miles but still managed sub 2 half I’ll settle for that.

Then the best part of the day was getting back in to the river in just tri suit it was freezing because I was so warm. Really tough course but would definitely do it again

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