Motivation boosted with Berlin place

This time of year sucks as a night worker. I love to run in the cold crisp dry morning but I get up and it’s dark I go to bed and it’s dark. Doesn’t really inspire training luckily it was cross country at the weekend so I managed to get out with the club thou think I did something to my hamstring. I probably shouldn’t of done the hill session on Tuesday but it’s one of my favourite sessions we run. The wife was at college Wednesday no run then and Thursday we didn’t go to training but she put what she has learned into practice and helped my leg We both got into Berlin marathon so next year is looking like a good running year already with a good few races on the calendar. I think I’m going to keep up the bike and swimming as it seems to have helped this year but really focus on my two marathons coming up. I was a bit gutted I didn’t get into London again but Manchester is a great race and I’m so happy that it was my wife who got the club ballot place. I really am excited for her and can’t wait to go down with her and cheer her on with all the club it should be a fantastic weekend. She will have one more of the six medals for abbots big medal than me so I have to get my ass in gear and really try for a gfa place for 2019

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