Post event blues

Since completing Ironman I set my sights on Amsterdam marathon but I didn’t put in the long miles I focused more on the speed.

I smashed Wigan 10k and I was preparing well for the English half marathon. Unfortunately life got in the way. That race would have told me I didn’t have the endurance and could of put more effort into the training so i went to Amsterdam a little bit blind and a little over confident. It didn’t go to plan. I finished but I wasn’t happy 3:28 a full 13 mins slower than Manchester earlier this year.

So now im fed up as I didn’t get the time I wanted. I’m wondering if I should carry on with the swim and biking or just try stick to running. I have a 6 hour race in January half marathon In March and Manchester marathon in April again. Do I go and try Ironman or outlaw again as I’m not happy with the time. I know I need to decide then I can put next year together I can’t really make a decision until I find out about Berlin marathon I need a kick up the arse and some motivation it’s gone since finishing my last race

One thought on “Post event blues

  1. Mate I bet you’re fitter for doing all 3 disciplines (even if Amsterdam didn’t quite go to plan.) It boils down to what you want to do though. I guess it’s a mega effort to train for Ironman but will you regret it if you’re not on the start line next June, or relieved? Onmybyou know!!!


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