Wigan 10k 2016

So after a little mis hap on Friday a small car crash with my wife’s car another car and a petrol tanker. I woke up this morning with a little pain in my shoulder and wasn’t feeling confident. I had it taped up so wasn’t to worries. After meeting the club for pre race pics we went for a little warm up shoulder didn’t get any worse. 

We cut in at the front of the start as our club help organise the event and waited for Jack Johnson to start us off. We were underway decent start a little to fast first mile. So backed off and tried to keep to steady pace. Mile 2 rookie mistake needed to tie shoe laces. 

The course has changed a little the addition of the home straight of the running track and round the barriers round the stadium were a great improvement and really speeded up the park part of the course further on. It was great getting support by the Wigan Warriors as they handed out water. I slowed a little as we headed into the little bit of the industrial estate but picked up again heading up into town mile 4 was ok mile 5 I was really getting pain in neck and shoulder heading down into the park the wife said she could see I was hurting and usual running pain we got out the park and sprinted for the line trying to block everything out but the clock. I crossed the line 5 seconds behind one of team mates I was chasing since he overtook me at mile 4. Was grabbed by rich one of organisers/ steward/ team mate he led me towards first aid where I sat on floor shoulder and neck in agony but with a shiny new pb beating my last time by 59 seconds.

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