Getting back on track. 

Recovered well from chester but been feeling rubbish and under the weather with a cold.  That’s cleared up so been pedalling to work it’s been great finding new routes and easy adding a few miles in hopefully can build up a good bike base level before iron man training really kicks in in spring. 

It was good to get out after work and get a 10mile run with Paul. I think it was faster than Paul wanted at the begining we had a great paced run few fast miles . 

23 hours later back out again with Paul we planned a 15 mile run but setting out and getting drowned after 1/2 a mile we soon had other ideas I didn’t look at watch only to see how far we had gone I wasn’t bothered about pace or splits we just kept turning the miles out 5 miles in Paul stumbled on a bottle and we stopped for about a minute ee headed back hoping his ankle hadn’t swelled he felt ok a mile further in so took a detour home. Finishing the run at 11.5 miles smacked to the skin I’m glad I had a spare t shirt and dry hoody in the car. Couldn’t wait to get home and eat I was starving treated my self to a beer then off to bed. 

New getting ready to bike to work. Think I can find 20 mile loop home then training with wigan harriers Thursday makes this a pretty good week so far 

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