English half marathon 

I managed to get the night of work the day before English half.  Was nice to have a decent sleep and relaxed start to the morning. I met up with Gaz Wayne we went for a little warm up before heading into the start pens Paul platt and Gaz. We set off and I was running with Paul for first couple of miles then he gradually pulled away. 3 miles in I was feeling good then Gaz  ran past me. Next I was joined by Gary Wayne I had a couple of dodgy miles 8th and 9th miles were good back to similar paced as the start. Then couple more dodgy miles before the last mile was a good one. Running through an empty stadium was a bit stranger and it screwed with my watch. I had a strong finish chasing somebody over the line. I finished in 1:37:19 3 mins away from pb at begining of year just no consistency in the pace at all. 

There was a long wait between the half and the live wire mile. I love doing the shorter runs with my little girl. She struggles but was very happy to do it under 9 minutes she’s getting like me and only runs for medals. I need to find her more kids races 


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