Wigan 10k

After a rubbish sleep my wife drove me into town for 9 am to meet up with the rest of the harriers for group photo outside Starbucks. A massive turn out from the club. Me and couple of others had a little warm up before hearing to the start. It was only us and Phoenix at the front before being joined by the masses.  Jenny meadows started us underway I stuck with Gaz Wayne for first mile. A little fast I managed to stay with him in the second mile and the third mile he pulled away from me. I was caught and passed by Paul platt and Bryers. The 4th mile was the toughest for me a gradual climb upto the park I was happier back in the park found my feet again. The crowd in the park was amazing as I came out the park up tithe youth zone the was a guy from Phoenix Infront of me I had enough left for a strong sprint to the line I passed the Phoenix and crossed the line with a shiny new 5 and 10k pb. Kirsty managed to get a great pic for me. I had a great day same again next year please



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