fleetwood half

i started the race prep same as the last finishing work at silly o’clock a few hours sleep up and out for 8 picked up again thankfully by Cath. Nice easy drive to Fleetwood no problem parking nice and easy well organised collection of number and free lucozade sport. back to the car changed out of trackies ditched everything we didn’t need then headed to the start.This was less organized as we didn’t know where the exact start was and neither did the race starter. we eventually set off it was all gun time and not chipped timed. I weaved through the crowds a bit Andy was in front of me we leapfrogged a couple of times. I was on a good pace for the first mile didn’t feel to bad same again for the second the third mile was good but started to struggle as it was starting to get hot. this is where my race fell apart. mile 4 I slowed and was looking back for Andy no sign of him. i carried on to the water stop really getting hot now and I was struggling with the heat. i had dropped from doing 7 Min miles to nearly 9 I actually stopped and walked at one point and let Andy catch up. we ran together till mile 10 then I went off again on my own I finished in 1:51 something but it was short so after i grabbed water and banana I jogged a little so at least my watch would be right. i walked up to the main road to cheer on runners coming home i ran with Andy he dug in and managed to finish under 2 hours we went and sat on the grass near the finish and chatted waiting for Cath and breo nobody had a good race it was decided at a motorway services kfc that we will not mention this race again also Cath wanted to steal the giant minion in a car at the services parked next to us medalminion


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