Some times it just doesn’t go to plan

I ran to work Sunday night and home Monday morning I managed most of the club session Tuesday before having to rush off to work. I had a lazy day Wednesday as it was the child’s birthday and we took her and her friend for a meal. I was hoping to run Thursday but didn’t get chance as things came up. So Friday I got up and took the child to school spent a little time with my wife before she went to work. I got changed and went out for a run 

I left it too late it was warmer than I expected first 2 miles felt ok the 3rd and 4th mile I was struggling and the 5th mile turned into a run walk up the hill. The 6th mile was quick but that’s because it was all down hill I was determined to make it to 10 miles not the longest of runs it was good to get into the shade near the 3sisters and through the trees. I think this summer should be spent more off road I felt really disappointed about the run it’s been one of the worst for a while. 

Park run tomorrow onwards and upwards Wigan 10k English half marathon and chester marathon all coming up

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