Rock n Roll liverpool half

After not running for 10 days and having to go see sports therapist about my foot. I was not looking forward to today’s run. The week of resting and sports massage for plantar fasciitis seemed to have paid off. I got up and ready no pain in my foot but decided to tape it up anyway as a precaution.  Cath and Suzanne picked me up just after 7 and we headed to liverpool a nice straight drive to the car park got out headed for coffee before going to baggage drop off 

We split up and made our way through the crowds to our separate pens I didn’t manage to make it to the first one like I was supposed to so started at the front of the second  me and Chris burton started together and ran the first 2 miles pretty quickly I could see Paul Bryers ahead but never managed to catch him I managed to high 5 Paul platt and he told me how far Paul was Infront.  At 3 miles I told Chris don’t let me hold him up and off he went. I slowed my pace as had couple of twinges in foot  I was doing nice steady miles in the middle till mile 10 when we got on to the waterfront. It was wind in your face all the way to the finish. As we got onto the last straight I managed a bit of a sprint finish hoping to make it under 1:40 I didn’t and came in 12 seconds over.  

After crossing the line and getting grabbed for pictures I went and got finishing pack,t shirt then outside for free beer while there was no queue  and then second medal. I went round to the finish just intime to see Cath finish followed not long after by Suzanne I went back round the arena and found them in the beer que. It’s a great atmosphere post race at Liverpool and great to talk to some others from local clubs.  All in all I was happy with result. Little training after Manchester marathon and niggles with foot pain for last 10 days 


Now onto training plan for chester marathon and hopefully some fast 10k’s along the way starting with Wigan trail in two weeks

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