Post marathon blues

After compleating Manchester marathon a little over than what I wanted my training has gone out the window. I have hardly been to the club the only thing that has kept me going is early morning Wednesday runs. I have rock n roll Liverpool coming up next weekend and have been trying to decide between the full and the half. I would love to do the full and get the 3:30 I wanted at Manchester but have no confidence in my training. 

This week is the most I have ran and was hoping get a long run in today. Little sleep and niggles in foot and knee stopped that today. Looks like I’m doing the half.  Don’t think I will manage to beat wrexhams time.  Get round Liverpool then the plan starts for chester marathon. With Wigan trail 10k at end of the month. Wigan 10k later in year and English half all thrown in the training plan. 

I’m going get up tomorrow and off to rvington to cheer the guys on doing Bolton hill marathon I love how the club supports each other.  Most are using it as a training run for iron man or ultra marathons. I’m tempted by an ultra but thought of iron man scares me. Maybe in a few years when I get the marathon times I want.  I’ll be happy with a steady consistent run next week and just get it over with 

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