Manchester Marathon 2015

 I didn’t really sleep well so was awake before my alarm. I had breakfast and all prepared I got the wife to stick  up my hair as she does it better at the back.  

I picked up my friend Howard and put in the piss taking cd after last year of him slagging off my music it started off with Charriots of Fire then 1492 by vangelis then  rocky theme we went and picked Paul and his son and dropped his son off near old Trafford. Howard jumped out and me and Paul had a nightmare with the parking couldn’t get to the official car park so ended up parking on the keys. We walked up to the start jumped over the barrier and into the start pen 2 minutes later we were off. Not the greatest  of starts but at least we made it. 

We set off and I was good I told me self to slow down and let people pass me first mile watch beeped and was 8 mins a mile exactly where I wanted to be. Me and Paul running and chatting Mile 2 turn round and up towards the start looking for fellow harriers on the way nearly 8 min mile again I left Paul and went a little faster but nothing to silly 7:45 pace was my plan it was good to see supporters who I knew as well as others in the club doing well tony was always in the lead followed by Tim then dc and mike who ran together whenever I saw them  

 the front of the hair started to go at mile 3 didn’t get to fix it after the drive. 

 I ran nice and steady and consistent I was happy with my splits and got into nice routine I saw cath at the relay change over point she gave me a massive cheer then I saw her husband further on as he had to go around the loop. The crowds were fantastic all the way around I spotted Darren Julie and Paul at 18 miles and got a great boost from them Julie is like the mother of the group always there. 

Carrington is where it goes a bit quiet. And this is where I struggled my pace slowed the 3:29 pacer paced me I think he was to fast because at 20 miles my watch said 2:37. I couldn’t pick my pace  back up I slowed and was almost at run walk stage at one point  I stopped did my lace and set off again I managed to get pace back a little then I was up and down for the last 6 miles. I love the ending so many people cheering you on I spotted Howard and I went for it big sprint finish at the end chip time 3:35:47 not the 3:30 I wanted but massive improvement from Malaga (3:54:58) 


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