Taper time 

last week I made it to the club. I love the hill sprint session. 13 times fast as you can up the hill 35 seconds sprint. I felt sick when I finished great session then off to work. 

I woke up and my ankle was killing me. I was clever and listened to my body and didn’t run the rest of the week. Had sports massage Friday spent some time doing balances and stuff on sore ankle. It still hasn’t cleared had a good rub Down on calfs feel nice and relaxed. But still the pain on the ankle hasn’t gone. I tried to fix it with a bottle of rum on Friday when couple of friends came round. The first one didn’t work so we opened the second bottle lol. They left at 4 am I went to bed got up Saturday afternoon ankle not 100% but improving.  I have still haven’t ran since Tuesday. Not the best taper for a race and now it’s Monday less than a week to go would say ankle is about 80%. So only one thing to do. Shave and die my head get out for a run tomorrow see how I feel. Then Sunday it’s B.O.C ( balls out commitment )time with my friend running folk and u going to either smash 3:30 or end up on a heap on the floor crying and broken about 22 miles in. 

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