Last long run ( taper time)

I woke up at 5am and couldn’t get back to sleep so got last run done. Had usual pre run breakfast got a water bottle strapped on watch and set off into the rain. I didn’t have a plan for pace or distance just wanted to get out. My first mile was a little fast for a long run but also felt comfortable. I eased off a little and thought off where I was going to head out. The second and third mile where at marathon pace one a little under and one a little over but averaged out bang on. 

I slowed down a little and lost my rhythm. Heading up along straight boring road that went on and up hill further than I thought. A long steady climb that I had underestimated as soon as I turned the corner at the speed came back and I felt good again there was still a little bit of a climb before a big down hill my speed shot up to 7 mins a mile. Managed to keep to a steadier pace on the flat before heading down again. Then into the down centre the rain still pouring another up hill as I turned towards the hospital and haigh hall then down again towards the stadium. I slowed again as I got to asda. I was hoping to do 18 miles at this point I was at 14 so I was roughly on target. 

It’s awesome running early in the morning as not much traffic and easier to cross the roads I easily got across poolstock lane and from the roundabout to roundabout segment on strava another climb that doesn’t seem to end then a steep down hill into landgate and up hill again this must of been the hilliest route around wigan I could of chosen on the final straight for home I saw runners ahead off me this made me push on and catch them before the traffic lights I stopped my watch and walked the last few feet to my house 18.4 miles done. 8:05 average pace happy with that after the wobble in the middle. I was even happier drinking the bourbon and relaxing eating mini eggs later on that evening 


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