Longest run done 

I’m so happy my longest run is done. 22.2 miles steady is pace with a bit of a stop in the middle before doing park run. I set off from home and headed to meet my mate. After 2.5 miles I was worried he has passed me so I turned round and headed back. It’s difficult running looking forward and over your shoulder trying to find someone. I reached back home 5 miles into my run and grabbed my phone. As I got back to the door my mate came over the hill and was just over the road. We set off towards St. Helens park run. Chatting as we were going nice steady pace just over 8 mins a mile. A few climbs. A nice run all the way to the dual carriage way from there it’s an easy run to Victoria park. My friends wife passed us in the car heading to the start. We arrived not long after and walked round a little before my mate got out the running pram as he was pushing his daughter around and pacing his wife to sub 30 mins 5k. We met up with a few others from wigan harriers and set off on the park run. 

It’s three big laid and a small lap at St. Helens. I was feeling quite happy at my pace at just over 7 mins a mile. Was hoping to get just over 21 mins for the times part of my run. But after the third lap I went the wrong way and ended up doing an extra lap. So I slowed down but manage to catch up to Paul who was struggling after coming back from injury and inconsistent training. I managed to push him on a bit as he was struggling and made him run again. I followed him all the way to the line. I was just over 30 mins not to bad really with extra lap and helping Paul. I caught up with others before I set off back home. My friend his wife and thee daughter all got in the car as I set off running back home on my own i took a wrong turn and ended up going backwards and forwards before o found the right road this slowed down my pace and wasn’t really happy. As soon as I got back on familiar roads my pace picked up again and managed to get to intended 8 minute miles. I had to stop to let my wife know I was nearly home so she wouldn’t be late for work. Last 2 miles were under 8 min miles which made me happy as I pushed on. Then I slowed right down as I reached home a few stretches and a hot bath and I felt great. https://www.strava.com/activities/267869935

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