Run Wales Wrexham half marathon 

 I finished work at 2:20 am Sunday morning. Had a coffee and stuck my hair up then went to bed. Got up at 7:30 more coffee got ready set of for Wrexham at just after 8 got there just after 9 about same time as Mark Glynn. I walked to start just to see how far it was from car park luckily it was 2 minutes away. Back to the car met up with Mark in cafe of waterworld. We arrived a bit early I could of had more sleep I thought race started at 10 but it was 10:30.  I met up with a couple of friends who were running. Went for but of a warm up got stopped by some woman with a microphone and video camera got interviewed. Bet I sounded like a right dick. It was a small pen so I went to line up I was about the Middle of the pack the rain started before the race did. It started as a light drizzle but my mile 3 it was coming down. The race started and I was stuck in the middle of the pack for the first 1/2 mile. Was good to get free and get into a good pace. First mile in 7 min a mile then we headed out of the town centre and onto single track roads. It wasn’t all closed off and had to run close to bushes as nearly got squashed by a 4×4. I stuck at same pace till mile 4 where it dropped at little I was feeling good and needed to push on to get the time I wanted. I was back on target by mile 6 nice steady run happy with pace especially as the rain has stopped. I was steadily passing people and no one was overtaking me I was really happy with that looking at people in the distance and trying to catch them picking them off one by one. I was joined at mile 10 by someone I had passed we ran together for a while chatting as we were going still managing to overtake people  we were both running at same pace heading back up to 7 min a mile. Into the 12th mile there was a steady climb and I left him and on the hill and headed into the town. Managed a bit of a sprint finish to the line. 1:34:21 beaten official pb by 12 mins unofficial one by 7. As I crossed the line and grabbed water bottle was grabbed by the interviewer again and gave finish line interview about the race how the rain had killed the Mohawk and why it was tied back. What I thought about the course and how it was organised. I really enjoyed it but that myaybe because of pb. I collected medal and went to find mark who finished 10 mins before me. Had a chat about the race before I went to cheer Cath across the line. She came in at 2:09 great result for her first half on an emotional day. 

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