Benifits of sports massage. 

I woke up friday with pain in my foot (plantar fascia) really thinking I wouldn’t be able to run this Sunday in Wrexham half marathon. I had a good run on Wednesday after work. Not to bad pace in Aweful conditions. I was really  feeling tired by the time I got to 18 miles.  Finished just short of 20 miles not bad after a night shift. So Thursday I woke up legs felt heavy and tight and stabbing pain when put weight on foot. I rolled foot over bottle of ice and looked up all other things your supposed to do. But nothing work. Friday morning had sports massage just to loosen me up and after I got home and had done a few stretches recommended I feel good again. Ready to race. Spent the rest of the day getting kit ready chilling out with a beer and making hair bright pink. Always get more support on course with hair stuck up 

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